My Very First Post

Hi all!

Despite i’m completely surrounded by deadlines (final assignment, projects, and those another damn assignments), for the first time i feel like writing something in a blog..

You know, even though i’m in an “extremely low motivation to do anything” condition, i want to talk about motivation right now..  😀

 So let’s start by defining motivation. According to, Motivation is the activation or energization of goal-oriented behavior. For simple, motivation is what you need to do what it takes to achieve your goals.  So if you lack of motivation, you will find it hard to do everything you’re supposed to do, considering you have something to achieved 😀

So what makes people lose their motivation? From a discussion in a lecture, i found two things that generally caused it.

  1. Yourself (self management, behaviour, etc)
  2. Your environment (family, friends, culture, etc)

I don’t want to discuss which one is more significant, but i’d rather discuss how we can overcome those problems. I’m sure everyone have experienced a condition where they’re losing their motivation. So perhaps we can share our experience how we were able to overcome it.

I ‘ve experienced some unpleasant things myself that had to do with this motivation thing, but hey, who doesn’t, right? I guess, if i remember it correctly, i solved my problems back then from self consciousnes. I didn’t say i didn’t get any help or interference from the outside, but i think it’s ourselves that can make it everything right again, not from your parent’s help, or your friend’s support. Because when you don’t realize what’s wrong in you, and you don’t decide to fix it yourself, you’ll just repeating your mistakes again in the future. 

It’s a bit ironic that i can say those, since i myself is in a slightly better than an unmotivated person. But i really believe in my opinions. Even sometimes you will need something from others that can trigger your self consciousness, it’s really yourself that you can rely on. Oh, and never forget that you still have your God to ask for some help, though i’m often forget about it :p

That’s all i can say right now, and it’s not my last post yet, so we’ll see you again next time.. 😀

2 thoughts on “My Very First Post

  1. welcome in blogger club! hahay…you choosed the same blog-theme as I was (when I first blogging), nice choice (haha), so don’t forget to change your image header as soon as possible 😀

    • ahaha..
      yeah that’s one thing that i didn’t like about this theme..
      too bad i’m too lazy to change it 😀

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