Trip to Bangkok-Pattaya (Pre)

Finally, after 6-months planning, we’re going to Bangkok!
Actually it was my and Puja’s idea at first, after we watched Laddaland and impulsively want to meet Punpun and Natasha LOL 😀
In case you don’t know Punpun and Natasha, they’re Thai actresses.
Punpun (Suthatta Udomsilp) played in Laddaland, and she’s so cute that I wanna meet her (sorry I had cute girls fanatic syndrome).
The latter, Natasha Nauljam, is the one Puja wanted to meet. She played in Suckseed and she’s incredibly stunning (I know how you feel, Ja :D)

From there we gathered travel companions, channels, info, until we bought plane tickets. In the end, only 5 people (me, Puja, Aloy, Harbag, and Ical) decided to buy the tickets. Even early planner like Titz and Camok eventually decided not to buy due to other concerns. So we bought the tickets, we reserved the hotels via and planned the itinerary using For those who don’t know, it’s an online worldwide hotel reservation site. It has great discounts and vast database. Meanwhile is a travel site where you can gather information on places, what-to-dos, etc.

So we bought AirAsia tickets for Bangkok-Jakarta and vice versa and reserved accommodation in Bangkok and Pattaya. And the date is Jan 19-22 2012.

(Continue to Part 1)

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