Don’t Ask Me to Google It!

Oftentimes your friends ask you about things you might find them too trivial or too complex to answer. And oftentimes you will tell them “Google it!”. I’ll tell you three reasons why you need to stop doing that.

1. It is RUDE
I know that googling is easy. I know that Google is a fucking source of information, and I most certainly know that you think that your friends is just too lazy to search it themselves. But many people will find it offensive if you tell them to google it. Why?

Because nobody doesn’t know Google, for God sake. Well, perhaps there is! But the probability someone don’t know how to google is very little. Especially when you live a college or professional life. And if I were told to search on google on the first answer, I will know that you are most probably: (a) too lazy to explain, (b) do not know the answer, or (c) think you’re a retard or ignorant and intentionally want to mock me.

2. Need curated information or opinion instead
Sometimes you ask some things you might have heard of or know a little about. Your response if you were replied “Google It!”? Duh, of course I can google it, but then I will need to find the right information among rubbish on the internet. If only you can just sums it up, I will be very grateful and can save probably 5-15 mins of my time!

And more importantly, sometimes you will need an extra information called opinion. Besides, a friend’s opinion left a stronger remark than things you read.

3. Conversation please?
Yeah sure, I can google it and then we will have no conversation because I would be playing with Google on my gadget instead of having more conversation with you. Yeah I can chat with you later, don’t worry. Oh wait, we barely converse, don’t we?

So do you still want to answer “Google It!”?
What if you just answer it briefly and as far as you know?
For example:
X is bla bla, you can search it on Google to get more information“,
or “I think Y is about bla bla, I might be wrong, you should search it on Google“,
or if you don’t have a fucking clue about it, just answer “I’m sorry I really don’t know about it. Let me look it up on the internet later” (even if you never did).

With this you will have no pissed friends and live happily after lol

One thought on “Don’t Ask Me to Google It!

  1. Setuju. Biasanya yg dibantu gugling adalah yg keliatannya kurang familiar dengan internet.

    Tapi, kalau anak IF (dan sejenisnya), kalau pun nanya, pasti udah googling duluan, jadi ya dia nanya tentang opini atau informasi extra dari kita. Dengan kata lain, kita (mungkin) dianggap lebih tahu/berpengalaman tentang hal yg ditanyakan. *biasanya, aku nanya juga dengan alasan yang sama, si penerima pertanyaan, aku anggap lebih punya pengalaman.

    Baru ngomong “gugling”, kalau pertanyaannya sepele, dan si penanya ketauan sering online, plus emang cenderung males-malesan. Sekalian buat pelajaran juga.

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