Why Basing Your Success Without Evaluating is Bad

You might have read this quote:

Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.
– Bill Gates

When you succeed on something, the first thing you feel is a joy. This joy could lead into arrogance or laziness. But when you failed, the first thing you feel should have been a disappointment. And when you are disappointed, the questions that should have popped up in your head are “why”, “what”, and “how”.

  • Why did you fail?
  • What went wrong and what should have been done?
  • And, How can you do better next time?

Well, a success is not a bad thing and we should aim for success actually. But when you succeeded something before, do not jump into conclusions on why you were successful. You might think that the reason you succeeded is “A”, but you should challenge that idea. Is “A” really the reason that you were successful before? You need to be careful in evaluating your success so that you could you use it to gain more success next time. In the end, failing itself is not really a bad thing, but failing and giving up without evaluating is the worst.

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